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When making work, I often consider if I'll be perpetuating the problems instead of working against them. This doesn't prevent image making but pushes me toward a more careful and considerate style of working and research. Every piece begins with these questions: Who is most affected by climate change? Whom do our climate policies serve and how were they written? How has art classically portrayed this issue?


My current body of work emphasizes perspective and references the work of old masters, mostly landscape paintings. Combining those pieces with depictions of today’s climate issues draws a comparison between past depictions of nature and our view of environmentalism today. Using the history of printmaking as reproduction and dissemination emphasizes the importance of how artists represent nature. Each print or drawing of this series can be viewed from two directions as these issues require multiple viewpoints. 


It’s necessary to incorporate digital printing with traditional printmaking for this series. Too often do we decry technology as the source of our environmental problems when it was our disregard for environmental protection and justice that led to climate change. Technology is a tool we can use to mitigate and adapt to climate change.


I have a separate body of abstract work that is more abstract and based in color and line. It has been useful to have two bodies of work and somewhere to go for realignment after a large project. Despite my intentions, that work is evolving from a way to burn energy into an interesting exploration of the principles of design theory.






I am an Indianapolis based printmaker and book artist. I am most reachable via email.