Art is a mirror to society, but do our reflections endanger the parts of society most vulnerable to climate change?


​Who is most affected by climate change? Whom do our climate policies serve and how they were written? Beginning with these questions, I hope to push our approach to nature to be more expansive and socially oriented and to promote a different starting point when talking about our environment. Climate change affects us on global and personal levels through economic and social challenges. When we discuss it, we can start by identifying who is most affected and what progress can be made to preserve nature for the benefit of humankind. My work is a study of the role art plays in our understanding of the environment and the relationship between politics and art.


I find it necessary to incorporate digital printing with traditional printmaking. Too often do we decry technology as the source of our environmental problems when it was our disregard for environmental protection and justice that lead to climate change. Technology is a tool we can use to mitigate and adapt to climate change.


My work is inspired by the IPCC Special Report 2018:

and the Green New Deal:

And an expansion of my thesis. ->






I am an Indianapolis based printmaker and book artist.